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The following blog was authored by homeschooler and abcteach staff member, Carol Welch. With the year coming to a close, Carol shares ideas and quick planning activities that she used for her boys. Wrapping Up a Successful Year Here we are at the end of another school year. As a homeschool mom, I have always [...]

Teacher Appreciation Week has finally arrived and abcteach wants to celebrate you. In honor of the amazing job that you continue to do with your students, we are excited to announce a Teacher Appreciation Week Special: $10 off all new and renewal memberships to abcteach. Whether you are a teacher, homeschooler, parent, or caregiver, we [...]

The following post is a new addition to our Montessori teaching series. Our guest author, Andrea Coventry, grew up in Montessori schools and is a current educator and internet writer on teaching Montessori. (The following activities are found on the abcteach member site. Learn more about becoming a member!) The Year of the Animals Every [...]

It’s April: Go Green!

April 16th, 2012

Are you into gardens, composting, or planting trees? How about clean air, fresh water, and healthy soil? Do you like recycling, bike riding, or farmers markets? If any of these activities has you raising a green thumb, then this is definitely the month for you. April is full of special dates, weeks, and observances dedicated [...]

With the weather being so warm lately, it seems like we’re approaching summer rather than just entering spring. But alas, it’s April that is upon us, which means great seasonal classroom activities are still timely. Peruse our What’s New section. We’ve added interactive flipcharts, Special Needs activities, Common Core Reading Standards, and new cultural holidays. [...]

For Special Educators and parents, the arrival of Spring often means the beginning of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) season. Teachers are reviewing data on their students’ progress toward their goals and objectives. They are also evaluating and formulating new accommodations and modifications to help students succeed in their general education classes. abcteach has recently [...]

Reading Month Activity Ideas

March 15th, 2012

If you missed these tips last March, here are some great activities to use during Reading Month (or at anytime of the year). They’re a compilation of staff and educator insights, along with input from your abcteach community. • Reading Race – challenge students to read a certain amount of books from various genres. Award [...]

If you have questions about abcteach, then join us for our first-ever virtual Office Hours session. The abcteach staff will be on hand to review any topic that you’d like to discuss, from site navigation to abctools, and more. This is an informal event, so feel free to come in and out as you please. [...]

Did you know that as members and visitors of abcteach, you’re part of an international community of educators? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Your abcteach colleagues come from around the globe, and bring an amazing mix of tips, traditions, and experiences to share with your class. With this in mind, abcteach is proud to announce the [...]

With the proliferation of easy-to-use, touch-based tablets, it’s not surprising that schools and home school educators are capitalizing on their many uses and implications for interactive learning. You may have explored abcteach’s interactive section, which has plenty of materials meant for computers and interactive whiteboards, but you might not be aware that the grand majority [...]

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