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Our abctools section is very popular among our members.  Some of the tools have a very specific purpose: make a word wall, create a shapebook, customize a handwriting worksheet, etc.

But they can have other uses as well.  Throughout the coming year I will be posting ideas for you to try.


This time of the year, our shapebook and border tools make great invitations for holiday celebrations.  Look at a few invitations I made in a couple of minutes. They can be sent by regular mail, but are also in pdf format and can be emailed or texted to those you want to invite.

Some ideas to try:

Go to the Holiday Borders section and pick a border that fits your needs. In minutes you will have a finished invitation, custom to your needs.

Another idea is to go the School Borders section.  These borders are perfect for sending notes home to parents, announcing a school open house, or creating sign-up sheets for conferences.

You aren’t limited to the borders. The shapes make cute invitations for birthday parties.  For example: add the invite information inside a football shape.

Students can make their own invitations; it is a good learning activity.

Check out the abctools section on the free account and member site.

Do you have an idea for using our abctools that you would like to share?  We would love to hear from you. Share your idea in the comment section.


Posted by Sandy Kemsley

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