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Fall, fall, glorious fall. If it’s not obvious, I can’t deny that our present season is a personal favorite. The smell in the air, leaves changing, cool autumn nights… just writing it makes me smile. And let us not forget the cider mill donuts (and football!) on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Autumn also offers plenty […]

National Homeschool Month is a great time for families to celebrate the unique and wonderful adventure that is homeschool. My husband and I have educated our two sons for the past ten years. It has been challenging at times, but the rewards have been much greater than we expected. This new school year will be […]

Establishing a Routine A new school year is just around the corner, which means it’s a great time to begin and maintain new daily living skills. This applies to children and young adults of all ages. Establishing schedules or routines for everyday skills is a great way to be sure they are learned and consistently […]

The following post is a new addition to our Montessori teaching series. Our guest author, Andrea Coventry, grew up in Montessori schools and is a current educator and internet writer on teaching Montessori. (The following activities are found on the abcteach member site. Learn more about becoming a member!) The Year of the Animals Every […]

Reading Month Activity Ideas

March 15th, 2012

If you missed these tips last March, here are some great activities to use during Reading Month (or at anytime of the year). They’re a compilation of staff and educator insights, along with input from your abcteach community. • Reading Race – challenge students to read a certain amount of books from various genres. Award […]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. By now, your classroom is undoubtedly adorned in pinks and reds, with hearts on your worksheets and hand-made crafts on the wall. There’s a party planned for next Tuesday, and the whole class is invited. The question is, will every child (or his or her parent) be prepared […]

The following tips are provided by retired elementary teacher and current abcteach staff member, Nancy Elton. A teacher of 30+ years, she used these opportunities to engage parents and other classroom helpers and to provide students (and herself) needed support throughout the year. Sign Them Up Anytime there is a classroom or school function with […]

abcteach’s Paper Roll Pals

January 4th, 2012

In a time when the emphasis in education is increasingly on testing preparation, it’s great to take a break and have some “old-fashioned” fun with paper, scissors, and crayons. abcteach’s Paper Roll Pals provide such an opportunity, with dozens of templates that kids can print out, color, cut out, and paste onto paper rolls. We’ve […]

Just in time for the holidays, abcteach is happy to announce the latest addition to our Family Activity Planner Series. The Holiday Theme, like other themes, was created by abcteach educators and presents a number of embedded learning activities in three age levels. Enjoy a variety of winter-themed activities with your family, along with a […]

Creating New Holiday Favorites

November 20th, 2011

This week, let’s revisit some wonderful “real class” examples from abcteach staff. As you venture further into the holiday season, try a few (or all) of these in your class. And don’t forget to share the fun! These are great activities for engaging other classroom helpers, parents, grandparents, siblings off from college, etc., who want […]

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