Reading Month Activity Ideas

If you missed these tips last March, here are some great activities to use during Reading Month (or at anytime of the year). They’re a compilation of staff and educator insights, along with input from your abcteach community.

  • • Reading Race – challenge students to read a certain amount of books from various genres. Award the winners with a special lunch, picnic, or classroom treat.
  • Book Buddies – where older students team up with younger ones. The younger “author” tells his/her story and the older student writes it down. They then create a book together, written out by the elder with illustrations by the budding author.
  • Book Graphs – charting the number of books read by each student. The appropriate difficulty level was maintained through student/teacher conferences.
  • Literary Luncheon – students can opt to participate in an after school reading project that concludes with parent-led luncheons at school. Parental reading guides are provided, which help parents discuss story elements (i.e. characterization, organization, voice, etc.) with small groups of students. Food, drinks – even table cloths and candles – were used to keep kids engaged.
  • Alternative Book Reporting – provide options and let the kids take the lead in how they want to report on a book: present to the class, puppet show, written report, posters, advertisements, etc.
  • Getting into Character – designate a day to dress up as a favorite character or read books aloud with different voices for each character.
  • Author Study – each class, grade, or school explores the life of a famous author (i.e. Dr. Seuss, Marc Brown, E.B. White, etc.).
  • Weekly Book Share – students get in groups and talk about a book they’re reading. They share about their favorite section, talk about the characters, plot, etc.
  • Literary Log – daily journal writing of the students’ reading. Small conferences were set up to discuss their progress.

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For additional ideas and worksheets, don’t forget to check out our writingspelling, reading comprehension, and grammar sections. They are basic skill sets, but the possibilities for creativity are endless.

~The abcteach Team

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