Handwriting Practice Using abctools

Handwriting Practice Using abctools 1The Handwriting Templates tool, in the abctools collection, makes it easy to create customized handwriting pages. After choosing a font family and clicking on the template of your choice, you will arrive at the “Choose Handwriting Worksheet Editing” page. There are a number of opportunities to customize handwriting worksheets from this page. Step 2, however, “Customize the Text,” allows you to put your own letter or words to the document.

Ideas for using Handwriting Templates and other abctools:

• For younger students use the outline or dotted template options. Students can trace the letters with their pencils or fingers.

• Laminate handwriting worksheets after they are printed. Students can trace with their fingers or use washable markers. Reuse the worksheets anytime.

• Project the handwriting worksheet on the Interactive Board. Students can trace with their finger or digital pen.

• Use the Shapebooks & Borders tool to copy and paste text in cursive for elementary students to practice reading cursive writing.

• Make alphabet flashcards (Aa, Bb…) with the Shapebooks & Borders tool. Choose the 2 to a page or 4 to a page option and add a picture from our clip art gallery.

• Use the Word Wall tool to create word walls or game cards in the font of your choice.

Posted by Sandy Kemsley, founder of abcteach

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