Water Learning Activities

reflective globeWater: H2O, HOH, agua, l’eau, acqua, wasser, ice (in a solid state), vapor, or steam (in a gaseous state)… it’s one of our most valuable and utilized resources around the world. It covers approximately 75% of the earth’s surface, makes up 55-75% of the human body, and as a freshwater source, is found most plentifully in the atmosphere (more than in all the rivers combined). *Statistics cited from
US EPA Water Trivia Facts
and The Water Information Program.

With summer temperatures soaring (and back to school preparations just around the corner), water is also a cool way to engage vacationing students and get them in the mode for the new year. From reading comprehensions to experiments and family activity planners, abcteach has nearly 400 water-related learning materials to exercise and engage their young minds.

Word Games
Word Search: Liquid Measurement
Crossword: Clean Water (elem)
Vocabulary Cards: Water Plants (color) (upper elem/middle) (Member)

Math & Science
Science: The Water Cycle
Experiment: Evaporation (upper elem/middle)
Word Problems: Environment (elem/upper elem) (Member)
Experiment: Plants – Transpiration (elem/upper elem) (Member)

Writing & Journals
Color and Write: Rowboat (elem)
Picture Prompt: Water Fight (elementary) (Member)
Writing: Problem Analysis on Ballast Water (middle/high) (Member)

Reading & Language Arts
Comprehension: Water Cycle (elem/upper elem)
Comprehension: Water and Electric Safety (elem) (Member)
Comprehension: The Importance of Clean Water (elem) (Member)

Member PPTs with Audio
PPT with Audio: Ecosystems 3: The Water Cycle (upper elem/middle/high)
PPT with Audio: Ecosystems 6: Freshwater Ecosystems, Hydration (upper elem/middle/high)
PPT with Audio: Plant Kingdom 9: Aquatic Plants (upper elem/middle/high)

Water Learning Activities 1 On the Water” Educational Video
How much of the world is covered by water? How much of that water is drinkable? How does water affect our lives? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this educational video. Age level: preschool and early elementary.

Water Learning Activities 1 Water Wonderful Family Activity Planner (Member)

poolfam Math Activities

• PreK and Kindergarten: Use a bucket filled with ½ or ¾ with water. Mark clear plastic cups at ¼, ½, ¾, and full. Have kids practice filling the cups to the mark, then explore adding cups together. Expose children to fractions by writing math statements (i.e. ½ cup + ½ cup = 1 cup).

• Primary (Grades 1-3): Find out how tall your kids are. Head to a pool and have them walk around the deck noting water depths in different areas. Ask them to predict where they can stand and where it’ll be over their heads. Then, with adult supervision, have them get in and walk towards the various depths and check if their predictions were accurate. Now, practice pool safety.

• Upper Elementary (Grades 4-6): Place a bucket in the shower and run water into it for 30 seconds. Remove the bucket and measure the water. Multiply by 10 to see how much water is used during a 5 minute shower. Do the same for an 8, 10, or 15 minute one. Discuss and brainstorm ways that you can conserve water. 

The highlights above are just a handful of the many water learning activities found at abcteach. Do you have a favorite? Or any hands-on exercises to share? Let us know! We’re always looking to pass on great teaching ideas to the abcteach community.

Posted by Lindsey Elton, abcteach Team

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