Ten Reasons abcteach Is Great for Homeschool

Homeschoolers are always on the prowl for good curricula, new ideas, and ways to make learning fun. All that and more can be found at abcteach! If you are new to the site, the following list will point you in the right direction. If you are already a member, then you may just find a new treasure.

1.   abctools – This wonderful resource allows homeschool teachers to create customized math worksheets, spelling lists, handwriting pages, word walls, shape books, puzzles, and more. There are even tutorials to walk you through each tool. With these tools, you will never need to create materials by hand or spend hours formatting a page on the computer.

2.   Printables – abcteach offers everything from coloring pages and early reader books to science experiments and reading comprehensions. New materials are continually added to an already vast collection of educational materials. Homeschool teachers can easily find stand-alone units or materials to supplement existing curriculum. For the price of a few workbooks, you can have a year of unlimited access to everything abcteach has to offer.

3.   Member Requests – Homeschool teachers often have great ideas that they just don’t know how to pull off themselves. The staff at abcteach welcomes requests for specific materials from the members. Be sure to allow a few weeks for the material to be created and posted.

4.   Weekly Newsletters – Every week you can look forward to receiving an email that highlights all the new material that has been added to abcteach. It is an easy way to make note of new arrivals that can be incorporated into upcoming lessons.

5.   Multilingual Curriculum – abcteach offers a variety of materials in French, Spanish, and German. There is also a special section for English as a Second Language. Flashcards, worksheets, reading comprehensions, games and more provide vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar practice.

6.   Those Little Extras – Homeschoolers often have limited access to or funds for those little things that make teaching easier. Here are just a few of the little extras you will find at abcteach: forms, lesson planners, maps, field trip report forms, border paper, certificates, flashcards, word walls, word strips, posters, incentive charts, graphic organizers, holiday materials, and much more.

7.   Unit Studies – Unit studies are a popular teaching method in homeschooling. abcteach offers a variety of theme units and theme-based learning centers for primary, elementary and middle school. For the young learner, there are Theme Day materials that focus on a particular letter, number, shape, or color each day.

8.   Exclusive Homeschool Materials – abcteach recently launched a new area entitled Homeschooling and Parent Resources which will provide materials specifically designed for homeschooling. Look for new arrivals that will take learning outside the classroom box and offer homeschoolers fresh ideas and resources.

9.   Clip Art – Why spend hours searching the web or flipping through magazines for pictures to enhance your homeschool curriculum? abcteach has an ever-expanding collection of images that are well-organized and easy to find. Each image can be printed as a coloring page. If you do not see what you need, simply send in a request.

10.   The Fun Stuff – Homeschooling can get a little dull at times, but abcteach offers lots of fun, educational activities to liven up the day. There are many arts and crafts activities, puppets, paper beads, folder games, bingo games, shape puzzles, word searches, tangrams, sudoku puzzles, and more that will enhance your child’s education.

This is just a sample of all the great resources that abcteach has to offer the homeschool family. The staff at abcteach truly loves to teach, loves to learn and loves to provide materials that will make your labor of love easier. We wish you all the best in your homeschool journey.

Posted by Carol & Rick Welch, abcteach writing staff and homeschool parents

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