Teaching Extras: Tips for a Memorable Classroom

My Memory BookMay’s Eye on Curriculum theme is Teaching Extras, a versatile section of materials, decor, and creatives for your classroom and lesson plans. As we approach the final stretch for the school year, let’s explore a few activities that add a personal touch to your last weeks together. These highlights can be adapted to multiple grades and learning environments, and additional ideas await you on abcteach.

“You Make a Difference” Folders
“Make a Difference” folders are a great way for students to see how they’re perceived – in a positive manner – by their classmates. See last year’s End of the Year: Make it Memorable blog for alternative versions and additional ideas.

1. Before getting started, make a list of the names of your students, providing a couple of lines following each entry. Copy the list so that every child has a sheet of the names. Here is a sample of choices from our Handwriting section.

2. Brainstorm with your students about the various positive comments that you could make about a fellow classmate (i.e. kindness to others, what you like about their personality, how they do something well, etc.). Write these on the chalkboard, overhead, or whiteboard for all students to see.

3. Pass out a manila folder with colored construction paper and the sheet of names to each student. Next to the students’ names, tell them to write a positive note using the examples from the board or one of their own.

4. Have students cut out the positive notes and give it to their classmates. Each student will then paste his or her collection onto the construction paper and put it in his or her folder.

5. Folder Covers: Get creative! These portfolios are an extension of the student, which means the possibilities are endless. Decorate them with students’ own designs, using various pictures, props, or writing utensils.

Memory Books and “All About Me” Clipboards
All About Me Bulletin Board Memory books are a quick snippet activity that students create to display fun facts about themselves. They contain everything from physical characteristics to past experiences and personal goals.

• My Homeschool Memory Book

• Memory Strips (Member) – Fill out, then paste and include in “You Make a Difference” Folders

• My School Year (Members)

• All About Me Clipboards (Member) – A condensed version of the Memory Book. Take a picture of your students and attach it to this one-page student portfolio.

Student Stars Bulletin Board
Superstar Bulletin BoardOnce students have completed their “All About Me” clipboard, it’s time to put them on display! Venture into the Bulletin Board (Theme Set) and choose the theme that best represents your class. Here are a few ideas:

• Dream a Dream

• Summer Fun

• Train Kids Alphabet Set

Looking for more ideas? Discover for yourself! We hope that you enjoy these activities, but if you need more, Teaching Extras is full of inspiration for both you and your students.

Posted by Lindsey Elton and Nancy Elton, abcteach Team

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