Teaching Extras: End of the Year/Summer Outings

Family nature walkOur last Teaching Extras blog: Tips for a Memorable Classroom, showcased end of the year activities that will add a personal touch to your last weeks together as a class. In this edition, we’ll explore materials to use on field trips with your students, as well as items that kids can bring home and utilize during the summer months.

Final Class Outings/Summer Road Trips

• Field Trip Planner (Member)- Here is a list of places for kids to visit. Reference for ideas that tie into class curriculum, home learning units, or special topic events.

• Did You See? – A checklist of items for kids to be on the lookout for when they’re en route or walking around.

• Nature Walk/Center – To use with primary-grade students. Visit a nature center, or take a walk outside (this can be anything from a journey around wooded areas of your neighborhood, to a local trail or forest preserve). Have kids identify and document what they see.

• Nature Walk Checklist – Collect, draw, and write things that you experienced while on a nature walk.

• Farm (Member) – To use with primary-grade students. Similar to the nature walk checklist, this document can be used to indicate animals, tools, or items found when visiting a local farm.

• Field Trip Category – This is a compilation of documents relating to field trips. Examples include:

• Field Trip Report Form – A writing prompt for students to describe where they went, what they saw, what they liked/didn’t like, etc.

• On the Go Cards (Aquarium) – A set of small flash cards with images relating to things that you would see while visiting a certain place. Students can use them before, during, and after the trip to help reinforce their memory. abcTip: Cut out and laminate cards, then hole punch and combine together to create an activity set.

• Backseat Bingo (City) – It’s bingo on the go. Have kids/students color the cards, then laminate them for use in the car.

• Field Trip Planner Set (Member) – Tips and ideas for creating a great field trip. Comes with forms, guides, etc.

Grocery Store

• I Spy… – For primary and lower elementary students. On a trip to the grocery store, be on the hunt for food items listed on the sheet. Save for when you get home and have children color their grocery goodies.

• I Spy… (Member) – another grocery-themed document with additional food groups listed.

• Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt (Member) – Pages of clues to take to the grocery store and match to food that you find on the shelves

• Learning on the Go: Treasure Hunt (Member) – A fun “I Spy” game for kids to use while you’re shopping. Locate the following items, then write the aisle number where the item was found.

Wherever your summer jaunts may take you, there’s plenty of learning to be had along with your excitement. Teaching Extras covers a variety of environments and places to go, so peruse away! You never know what creative idea you may find.


Posted by Lindsey Elton and Nancy Elton, abcteach Team

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