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Stay Connected with abcteach! 1Whether we are educators, parents, students or former communication majors, amongst other traits, we all share a basic need: the desire to communicate. Nowadays, with smart phones, skype, email, twitter, text, blogging and more, that need has infinite avenues to fulfillment. Even as we find ourselves hours at the computer and mobile in hand, that desire still remains strong.

abcteach was created 11 years ago as a way for our founder, Sandy Kemsley, to interact with local educators following her retirement. “A little website,” she considered it, “to continue communicating her love of teaching.” Fast forward to the present and she and the rest of our team still supports her original goal, except that the website has doubled, and your abcteach community has turned global.

No matter what the size, abcteach is still that “little website” at heart with a big desire to keep in
contact with everyone in our education community. In addition to email, here are other ways we can keep in touch:

Stay Connected with abcteach! 2 abcblog – learn about new sections, teaching tips, and get sparks of inspiration from the team

Stay Connected with abcteach! 2 Facebook

  • • Monthly Teaching Albums
  • • Classroom Conversations
  • • Special Announcements

Stay Connected with abcteach! 2 Twitter – follow Sandy for trends, talk, and trusted insight

Stay Connected with abcteach! 2 Webinars – live online presentations based on your feedback

As you can see, we, too, have a great desire to keep in touch – we were founded on it! So please, by whichever means you prefer, we’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful summer,

~the abcteach team

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