Ready or Not… Here they come!

Whether you have begun your first few weeks of school or are anticipating the ceremonial hand off of your class list, school is in the forefront of your mind. With Professional development days ahead of you and classroom organization needed, time and efficiency is of the essence.   Don’t stress! abcteach is here to help!

These next few weeks can go by in a flash so be prepared with these five simple and helpful tips when you head into your classroom.


1). Less is more!

Ready or Not… Here they come! 1

Pick a few colors, one common classroom theme, bold, readable print, etc.  Remember, you are trying to gain the students attention not distract them during lessons.  abcteach has a number of different ideas to help spark a new theme for your classroom in the back to school section.

2). Leave Space!

I promise.. it is ok.

Ready or Not… Here they come! 2

Let the students have ample space to display their own work and thinking in the classroom.  Not every wall needs to be filled with cutesy teacher-made displays.  It is acceptable to have areas not covered the first few days or even weeks of school.  Put up cute “Under Construction” signs or “Students thinking coming soon” on blank bulletin boards. Parents and students alike will appreciate the opportunity to help shape the learning environment.


3). Do it Now! Don’t wait!


Ready or Not… Here they come! 3


If you have a few extra moments, which I know can be hard to imagine with professional development, meetings, and classroom readiness for students; try to declutter now.  Organize your books, label the manipulative bins, and clean out that classroom junk drawer you have been meaning to do for years;  once school gets going you won’t have the time.  Check those items off your mental checklist and ease your mind even before your new students walk in the door.

4). Make THREE extras of everything and leave them blank!

Ready or Not… Here they come! 4


You never know when you are going to get that “new” student added to your class list.  Instead of trying to remember every detail you need to copy and label, have it ready to go.  Laminate what needs to be done along with your class set and put all the blank extras in a safe place.  You will save yourself from a lot of stress and time in advanced.  Even if you don’t get any late joining students, you now have a head start for next year or this year when that student spills milk over everything in a two mile radius. Don’t forget you can create your own custom Desk Tags for your new class too! Its easy with our Desk Tag Generator, part of abctools® and every abcteach membership.


5). Do something new!


Ready or Not… Here they come! 5


Take a risk, step out of your comfort zone.  Even veteran teachers need to spice things up! Whether it is changing your classroom theme after 15 years or starting the first day of school with a new “getting to know each other” activity; try something new and have fun.

Happy Classroom Organizing!

Emily Barnett Pomish – abcteach

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