Olympic Lessons

There’s always great excitement when the Winter Olympic Games begin: the individual sports, national anthems, lighting of the torch, and amazing visual effects all have us glued to our televisions. It seems that, no matter your age, there is always an overwhelming sense of excitement and hometown pride.

This is always a fun time in the classroom because the thrill of the games is a great way to keep students active in their lessons. Take a look at our Olympics-themed Clip Art, reading and writing materials, learning centers, and newly added interactive activities.

The Olympics is a great way to highlight different areas of the world and involve students by celebrating their own cultural diversity. What are their customs and traditions? How are they unique? Why is it important to learn about each other?

As we all watch the 2010 games in Vancouver, we hope you enjoy our Olympic materials. Please let us know what you think, or if you have a need for something new. We always love to hear from you.

Lindsey Elton, abcteach team

The links above are to the member site. Below are links to these Winter Olympics materials on our free site:
Clip Art
Fun Activities
Interactive Word Search (download link)

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