November Awareness and Gratitude Activities!

Each month comes a new lesson, a new chapter to begin. I love turning the page on the calendar and seeing all the important dates, holidays, and school lessons just waiting for their turn. It’s definitely something to look forward to. And now that November is here…we have some things to add to your calendar.

Explore pumpkin-spiced Thanksgiving worksheets and printables!


November Awareness

November isn’t just about pumpkin pie recipes and color-changing leaves. It has history and meaning surrounding our nation’s first people. We must be respectful of how we approach teaching about Native Americans in the classroom.

Resources that Teach Thanksgiving and It’s History

The Pilgrims’ First Year (Rebus Story)

The History of Thanksgiving – Reading Comprehension

National Gratitude Month

Don’t you just love all the fun ways of showing, learning and teaching gratitude? There is no better month to celebrate gratitude than November! Haven’t you heard the saying, “There is always something to be thankful for.” Well, here are some fun, hands-on activities to help teach your students about gratitude and thankfulness during this month.


November Awareness and Gratitude Activities! 1

  • Gratitude Mug – Write everything you are grateful for on the marshmallows and fill your mug! Great to use as classroom decor, bulletin board display, and even as a gift to share.
  • I am thankful Booklet – Complete this writing prompt with what and why you are thankful for.
  • I am thankful Lapbook – Eight page lapbook to create using a file folder. Print, cut and color to make this hands-on activity. Save it for next year to see what has changed.
  • I am thankful writing paper – Orange bordered writing paper with a page of lines to fill out.


Turkey Tom!

It wouldn’t be thanksgiving without a turkey! Do you know why we eat turkey on thanksgiving? Obviously, we all try to fill our plates with traditional sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and TURKEY! But how did we start this tradition…well, there are many reasons why the turkey became so popular.

  1. It is very plentiful and there is no shortage of turkeys! It is rumored that there were over 10 million turkeys in America at the time of European contact.
  2. Turkeys on a farm were almost always available to eat. Unlike cows and chickens, which were used for their milk and eggs.
  3. Big enough to feed a large family. What size turkey do you buy for your family?
  4. Even some popular books and movies have always turned to serving a turkey during holidays as a tradition.

Check out these hands-on Turkey activities?

How to cook a turkey – writing prompt

Thanksgiving Turkey Word Puzzles

Turkey Stackers Number Sense

Thanksgiving Addition – Solve & Color


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-written by Laura Kemsley

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