New Languages, Countless Opportunities

What an awesome experience. I walked into the neighborhood coffee shop this morning and, after ordering, got into a conversation with the customer behind me. That was hardly outside of the norm. What made this particular encounter different from most was our mode of conversation—we “talked” completely in sign.

If you haven’t seen them before, abcteach has great foreign language and sign language sections that parents and teachers can effectively use to teach language at home or in the class. There are also materials for anyone involved in ESL education. At your fingertips are worksheets, posters, and activities that were created by native speakers. If the lesson calls for something specific or unique to your children, you can even create your own with our abctools.

Languages open our eyes to new ways of thinking, and can make unexpected friends out of classmates and neighbors (as well as people behind you in line). They also open doors to exciting and valuable opportunities. The school year is just beginning, so as you’re prepping your kids or preparing class plans, consider “idiomas nuevas” (i.e. new languages in Spanish) to give them a head start on something larger in life.

Posted by Lindsey Elton, abcteach team

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