Math Awareness Month

When my father came home from work and saw me reading, he could be counted on to ask, “What kind of book is that?” As the topic of fiction rolled off my tongue, I was anticipating his response, which was always the same, “Why aren’t you reading a math or science book?”

My father, like many parents over many decades, believed that the American educational system should stress math and science. And though his questions put me in a mild nervous state, to him it was both a joke and a teaching opportunity. He knew that I was never going to read math or science in that recreational hour between homework and dinner. But, he also saw the opportunity to make me aware of their importance. My father, it turns out, knew that understanding the complex systems of our world is the key to solving its problems and improving lives.

April is Mathematics Awareness Month, and the 2011 theme is “Unraveling Complex Systems.” Sponsored by the Joint Policy Board of Mathematics, they chose this theme to highlight the fact that complex systems, like living cells and power grids, are everywhere in our lives and that mathematics is the key to understanding these systems and enhancing our world.

abcteach has a huge selection of engaging math activities, including our newest member files that involve these complex system economics through problem solving with Euro coins. Whether it’s algebra or geometry, fractions or graphing, we’ll help you guide your students’ understanding and application of all realms of math.

We hope you’ve had a wonderful Mathematics Awareness Month.

~Posted by Susie Williams, abcteach team

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