March is National Reading Month

Reading RaceReading Awareness Month is beginning and abcteach is here to help! Our graphic organizers and templates are a wonderful resource (most of which are FREE!) to use with any of your lesson plans. They help students to organize thoughts, comprehend ideas, and understand the authors’ purpose. Whether you are reading individually or as a class, use these printables to visualize and hypothesize the meaning of each story. It is very important to read and keep your students motivated throughout this month. Therefore, we have organized a few resources that should be helpful in your classroom curriculum and achievement goals.


 Research/Report Forms-

Main Character – Choose one character from a fictional book and answer the questions about appearance, personality and role; also requires a personal opinion response.  Book Report: Main Character 

Reading an Informational Text – This nine page writing prompt asks questions upon reading any informational text. Requires written response regarding main idea, interesting facts, and purpose of the story. Correlated to the Common Core standards: RI.1.1-3   Shapebook: Informational Text

Characterization Chart – Answer targeted questions about how the author builds character appearance, actions, thoughts, speech, etc. 

Story Summary – This simple story map asks questions after reading about setting, characters, conflict, and conclusion. 


Comparison Templates-

Venn Diagrams are a great way to compare and contrast ideas, concepts, and character traits. Can also be used as a pre-writing activity.

Double Venn Diagram

Triple Venn Diagram

Column Chart

Don’t limit yourself to just books; we have a wide variety of Venn Diagrams for all sorts of themes and you can find them here:

Venn Diagrams 


Reading Comprehension-

KWL and KWHL – Use these charts to organize Know, Want to know, How I will learn, and Learned material, in each story. These charts are great to use when introducing a new concept.

KWL Chart

KWHL Chart

Fact or Opinion Form – This blank organizational chart is for writing facts and opinions on any topic.

Flowchart – This template was created in Word, which is ready for you to type your own text. Includes 5 fields in a downward flow.

Web Organizer – Brainstorm Vocabulary and Ideas

Graphic Organizer – 5 W’s :  – Who, What, Where, Why and When. This graphic organizer is apart of our Clip Art and ready for you to add to any of your own lessons or worksheets.


Reading Strategies-

Reading Strategies Form – A set of three graphic organizers that outline each of the three reading strategies: making connections, predicting and visualizing.

Literature Circles – These are excellent resources to use in groups or as apart of the classroom. Look for important words during a reading that may be difficult, confusing or unfamiliar. Write them down on this organizer and look up afterwards in the dictionary. Great vocabulary-building tool!

Here are a few more literature circles on abcteach that assign students a job during each reading; such as discussion director, connector, summarizer, and illustrator.

Enjoy !

Posted by Laura Bida, abcteach Team

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