Learning Centers: Multiple Lessons, One Classroom

Learning Centers: Multiple Lessons, One Classroom 1

If you’ve ever been curious about classroom learning centers, the new year is a perfect time to give them a try. Learning centers add an exciting dimension to classrooms by offering a variety of activities, while allowing students to work either independently or in small groups. These specialized stations not only encourage individual responsibility and teamwork, they also help students learn respect for property and for one another. In addition, learning centers have been especially successful for those who thrive in a hands-on environment.

abcteach has dozens of learning center files (free | member), covering subjects from abbreviations to photosynthesis. We’ve also published an easy guideline to lend a hand in setting up, using, and maintaining these stations in your classroom or home.

Whether you’re learning center savvy or just starting, we hope you enjoy this growing selection of materials. If you have an idea and can’t find what you need, let us know. We’re always glad to help.

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