Prepping for Summer Membership

Prepping for Summer Membership 1Greetings!

Before you’re off on vacation ventures, we want to make sure that your abcteach account is summer-ready. The following is a repost of past blogs. We hope you find it useful, but please don’t hesitate to contact our abcteach Member Support Team if you have any questions.

Interested in joining abcteach?
We have individual and discounted group memberships, along with our University Partnership Program, which is free to undergraduate education majors and their professors!

Summer is just around the corner. As you complete the last weeks of your school year, here are some helpful tips for a smooth transition into summer membership.

Prepping for Summer Membership 2 Summer Email Address
Many school districts do their cleaning, purging, updating, and computer maintenance over the summer. If your account is a school address and the system is closing for the summer months, please send your home email to [email protected]. This will ensure that you continue to receive Member Newsletters, account reminder/ login reminder emails, and that we can reply to anything you send our way. When school is back in session, we can easily reestablish your school email as your account address.

If your school email is accessible over the summer, changes to your account aren’t necessary. Just check with your district Tech Department if you are unsure.

Prepping for Summer Membership 2 “You’ve Got Mail!” – Adjusting Your Filters
abcteach’s Member Support is here for your questions and to help with any problems you may be having. Simply email us at [email protected], we reply to each and every one.

To make sure that you receive our replies, please include abcteach in your list of safe email addresses. One of the issues we encounter with following up is that filters haven’t been adjusted and our emails land in Spam or Junk Mail folders. If you don’t get a response from us within 24 hours, please email us again. Your filter was likely the cause.

To adjust your settings, add [email protected] to your acceptable mailer, allowable mail, Buddy, or white lists. This assures that our emails will arrive safely in your Inbox. Make sure to do this at both your home and school computer. Ask the school tech if you’re unsure how to add abcteach to allowable mail at school.

Occasionally, district servers automatically filter what they think is a junk email, leaving you with no control. If this happens, please let us know and remember to include your home email address in the message. We will send a cc reply to you there. In respect of your privacy, abcteach never initiates the contact to you; we only ‘reply’ to emails sent to us.

Have a safe and happy summer vacation.

~ abcteach Member Services Team

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