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Creating Flashcards and Game Cards with the Shapebook Tool

Whether created by students or their teachers, shapebooks can help engage children in reading.  Border papers are useful to frame a poem, story or report, before those materials are printed or shared digitally.
However, the Shapebook/Border Paper tool has a versatility that can be creatively used to produce other fun and stimulating materials for the classroom or home learning center.
Here is a helpful tip: use the Shapebook/Border Paper tool to create game cards and flashcards.  The same set of steps will work for both projects.
Step One: Choose a shape or border.
Step Two: Click the “Change Name, Font, Style” Option
Step Three: Select the font and size you want.
Step Four:  Under STYLE select “four.” This will give you four game card or flashcards per page.
Step Five: Save Changes.
Step Six: Click “Add New Page.” Type the text for page 1. This is your first card. Note: always Save after each page.
Step Seven: Click “page 2” for the second card, and continue until you have the number of cards that you need. Each page represents a card.
Step Eight:  Save and click “Print/Preview Your Shapebook.” Print or save to your computer. This file will automatically be saved to your abctools documents list in the My abcteach section.
Take a look at these two samples (click on the thumbnails to download the PDFs).  Have fun!
Bee ShapebookFrog Shapebook
The instructions above are for the member version of the Shapebook/Border Paper tool. If you’re not a member, you can create a free Shapebook. For multi-page Shapebooks, and to choose from hundreds of fun shapes, login or become a member.
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