Classroom Spotlight: Share Your Story!

Classroom Spotlight: Share Your Story! 1The Classroom Spotlight is our way to shine light on the hard work and creativity you dedicate to each student and class. This section features educators like you – teachers, parents, and homeschoolers – who are finding success using abcteach materials or who simply have a great idea to share.


Classroom Spotlight: Share Your Story! 2 Anne M. – California
“I have created lots of math problems forthe second grade California state math standards curriculum using your math graphics. My class aced the final with 80% proficient levels by using this curriculum.” Read Anne’s Spotlight

Classroom Spotlight: Share Your Story! 3 Brittany – Perry, MI
“I use this [math] activity about once a year with my 8th grade Algebra students. I have them work in teams of 3-4 students, but slightly smaller or larger groups will probably work, too. I figure that if I can use this with a tough topic, exponent laws, and an often unmotivated age group, it should work for just about anyone.” Read Brittany’s Spotlight

Classroom Spotlight: Share Your Story! 4 Karyn – Chicago, IL
“abcteach helps me reach all of my students. My twenty-seven second graders have over 14 different home languages and reading abilities that range from two grades below grade level to three grades above!” Read Karyn’s Spotlight

Jump in the Spotlight! If you have have a project or idea to share, we’d love to pass it along. To enter, please send your story (500 word max) and accompanying photos (large, if possible) to [email protected].

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