Classroom Spotlight: Karyn’s 2nd Grade Class

classroom spotlightDifferentiated Learning for English Language Learners
Submitted by Karyn Keenan from Chicago, IL
“Abcteach helps me reach all of my students. My twenty-seven second graders have over 14 different home languages and reading abilities that range from two grades below grade level to three grades above! To reach my students, I often reach out to abcteach. With a simple search on abcteach, I can find interactive files to review letters with my students who need to do so. I use the Book Units to complement texts that students are reading in small groups. When we studied contractions recently, I was able to find cut and paste activities, word walls, signs and worksheets. All of these materials help me to reach each learner in my classroom.”

Karyn’s class at Chicago’s Field Museum.
Classroom Spotlight: Karyn's 2nd Grade Class 1

“When we return from Winter Break, we will be studying India, including Buddhism. Abcteach makes this easy for me with a factual reading sheet and comprehension questions. For my students who breeze through the primary reading sheet, I can challenge them with the corresponding upper elementary reading sheet.”

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