Classroom Spotlight: Ann M. from California

Ann MUsing Math Clip Art to Meet State Standards
Submitted by Ann M. from California
I have created lots of math problems for the second grade California state math standards curriculum using your math graphics. My class aced the final with 80% proficient levels by using this curriculum. This is double what they normally score! These save the teacher time if they are placed on the board with a magnet. I slip each inside a plastic sleeve, use an overhead marker to write on them, and then erase for repeated use. I have made about 600 different pages of math this way and many utilize abcteach math clip art. I use these for whole group instruction for test preparation and spiral teaching (reviewing throughout the year).
Class pictureThese are the 7 types of math I have taught using abcteach materials:
1.       Measurement and Geometry
2.       Algebra & Functions
3.       Statistics, Data Analysis & Probability
4.       Fractions and Decimals
5.       Number Sense
6.       Word Problems
7.       Mathematical Reasoning

Download an example of one of the math exercises Ann created.

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