Brighten Up Your Class with Clip Art!

Brighten Up Your Class with Clip Art! 1Looking for ways to add color to your class? Tap into a host of great illustrations for documents, classroom decorations, and special events in the Clip Art section at abcteach.

One of the most valuable aspects of abcteach Clip Art is its ease and versatility. Want posters? You’ve got ‘em. Banners? That, too. How about props for enhancing learning centers, math/science units, or lessons on cultural diversity? They’re all here, and they’re organized under a variety of headings to help you quickly find what you need.

Here are a few pointers as you peruse our collection:

•  Adjust images to a variety of sizes, large or small (for use in documents or as stand alone signs, game boards, or bookmarks)
•  Images come in color or black/white versions, ready for immediate use or the artistic vision of your students
•  Laminate to use in multiple subjects, for years to come

Also, did you know that Photo Clip Art is now available? Pictures can say a thousand words, so be sure to check out this growing gallery for new ideas or to supplement your planned lessons and theme units.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless – have fun exploring!

~the abcteach team

Note: the links above lead to the abcteach public site. If you’re a member, please visit the following links (login required):

Clip Art
Clip Art: Photos
Teaching Extras

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