April Activities

Spring has arrived! We hope our seasonal, monthly, and Easter materials have creatively suited your classroom plans. Don’t forget to check out our Think Green, Teach Green section for a host of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day!
abcteach has been keeping with the “green” theme by building our library of interactives and adding new PowerPoint presentations with spoken audio. These materials are versatile in the classroom, perfect for self-guided learning and engaging students in a new way. We are also enhancing select existing printables with interactive capabilities. This complements our comprehensive theme units and makes the most of all our resources.
abcteach’s 10th anniversary has sparked our enthusiasm, and we hope you find our free and member site additions as exciting (and useful) as we do. More specials and materials are coming soon, so keep checking in for our latest additions.
Enjoy your month!
Posted by Lindsey Elton, abcteach team

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Spring materials
April materials
Think Green, Teach Green
PowerPoint with Audio

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