abctools Tip: Structuring Writing Activities with the Spelling Tool

Spelling Tool
The abcteach Spelling Tool can be used to make word lists that complement your theme units and that help students generate stories during free writing sessions.
After printing the word lists you have created with our Spelling Tool, laminate several copies of each list to place in a spelling box in your classroom.  Spelling box lists can be used during free writing sessions, whether students are writing on the computer, interactive whiteboards, or paper.
The more spelling lists you create and laminate, the more fun it is for students to pick from the box to see what topic they will write about.  If you are making a lot of word lists, I recommend printing different subjects in different colors to help sort lists.
Don’t forget, you can also create flashcards using our Word Wall or Shapebook tools to go with your spelling lists!
~The abcteach Team
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