abctools Tip: Create, Use, and Reuse

Math ToolsJust in time for Earth Day here is an abctools tip that will help you and your students help save paper, and time. The opportunity to practice math is necessary in all classrooms, but it is not necessary to copy dozens of worksheets each day to provide variety for your students. You can create, use and reuse!

First, print several versions of the worksheets you want your students to use for practice. abcteach has a variety of math worksheets. Then, laminate each page and place it in a math box or a math center. These laminated copies can be used and reused with a wipe-able marker.

Make different levels of difficulty and color code the worksheets for easy recognition. Students may use practice sheets when they are finished with other classroom work.

Giving students the opportunity to pick the worksheet they want to use, provides the satisfying feeling that they are making the choice, while helping them keep up their math skills with needed practice.

~The abcteach Team

abctools® custom worksheet generators allow educators to easily create materials that fit the unique needs of their learning environment. Over 60 tools are available, including Word Search, Shape Books & Borders, Handwriting, Math, and many more. Full versions of the tools are available to abcteach members, but there are free versions of these tools available to everyone.

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