abctools Tip: be creative with Word Walls!

Word Walls are very popular and useful in the classroom and at home. They help students recognize words that improve their writing and reading skills. Our Word Wall tool (free | member) lets you customize your own word lists in the size and fonts you need.  You can also add our clipart to help with word recognition or to coordinate with a theme.
Here are some tips for using the Word Wall tool for other purposes.

1. Create flashcards by adding 2 or 3 columns. These can be word flashcards or numerical flashcards.

2. Use the “Text to Highlight” option to highlight word families (chunks). For example: Highlight “st” in red and all your words will come out like this:

star, stare, stair, store

3. Create game board cards by writing clues or directions on each card. You may need to create these with a smaller font.
4. Create question strips to go with your reading comprehension or theme units. Use long narrow strips and a small font to place a question on one strip and the answer on another. Students can use this as a hands–on activity.

5. Create name tags for your students.

6. Create labels for your school supply cubbies or containers.

7. Label your classroom or house with words for beginning readers. Label the sink, door, etc.

Have fun with the many uses of our abctool for Word Walls.

Posted by the abcteach Team

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