abctools: redesigned

If you’ve been creating with abctools on the Member Site lately, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. Our design team has been hard at work to make our tools quicker to learn and even easier to use. We’ve listened to your feedback throughout the years and are proud to finally unveil new designs for all 69 of our abctools.

So what’s changed? Take a look at a before and after comparison for one of our abctools: Sudoku

Sudoku tool: beforeSudoku tool: redesigned

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Here’s a run-down on the major changes:

1. Better organization – As you can see from the “before” picture, all of your editing options were lumped together, and not always in logical groups. In the redesigned version, your editing tools are now categorized into three basic steps: Title and Instructions, Visual Style, and Document Settings. 

2. Step-by-step – With so many options and little visual direction, our former abctools were sometimes difficult to master. With that in mind, we redesigned them with an easy step-by-step format that should help new users learn the tools. If you’re a veteran user, you should feel right at home, as all of the options you know and love are still there.

3. New Shapebook tool – Gone is our multi-page Shapebook & Border Paper Tool, replaced with an easy-to-use, one-page editor that contains all of the features found in the old version. Now, you can add and delete pages instantly without moving between editing screens. We’ve also included the “add-a-line” buttons that help you generate your creations even faster.

4. New style – A fresh visual look brightens up the new abctools design, and large colorful buttons help you spend less time searching for the right option.

What’s next?
Coming soon, you see new abctools video tutorials to match the new look. In the meantime, the old versions are still available to provide you with assistance.

Thank you for your feedback throughout the years. If you have any comments or suggestions about the redesign, please send us a message.

~The abcteach Team

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