A is for Apple!

It’s apple picking time so let us show you all of the apple activities and resources we have for a fun-filled apple theme in your classroom or at home! We are here to share all of our favorite apple-themed activities with you. Grab your lesson plan book and let’s go! We have clip art, apple crafts, coloring pages, word searches, recipes, apple math and so much more!

First up, let’s talk about the parts of an Apple with these  Apple Nomenclature Cards! Have your students learn all about the parts of an apple with these nomenclature cards. Exclusive to abcteach members*

A is for Apple! 1

Next, let’s talk about some of our favorite Apple Crafts!

A if for Apple Popsicle Sticks


  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Green, Brown, White Construction Paper
  • Red Paint
  • Black Sharpie/Marker
  • Paper Plate

Paint the popsicle sticks red and break a few in half once they are dry.  Then show your students how to form the letter A with their sticks, and I used Elmer’s Glue to put them together. Give the students a square green piece of construction paper to cut a leaf.  Give your students a brown piece of construction paper to create a stem.  Cut a piece of white construction paper to fit in the triangle area of the A and glue that in place.  Finally, use a black sharpie to draw a few seeds in the apple.

A is for Apple! 2

Handprint Apple Tree


  • Green Construction Paper
  • Brown Construction Paper
  • Red Pom-Poms
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

This super simple craft only requires a few supplies so it’s perfect for making at home or in the classroom.  Trace your child’s hand and arm on a piece of brown paper.  Cut it out. Draw a tree shape big enough to cover the handprint on a green piece of paper and cut it out.  Glue the handprint to the middle of the green tree paper piece as shown in the picture below. Use glue to glue on red pom-poms all around the tree.

A is for Apple! 3

Paper Plate Apple


  • Paper Plates
  • Red Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie/Marker

This paper plate apple is another fun craft to make!  Check out the instructions in the picture below.

A is for Apple! 4

A is for Apple! 5

Apple Prints

Click on the image below for instructions about how to make these cute apple prints with real apples. Members-Only*  The students will love this!

A is for Apple! 6

Check out some of our math worksheets all about apples!  

We have tons of apple math worksheets for all levels, some of our favorites are linked below.

These are just a few, check out all of our apple resources here!

A is for Apple! 7

Let’s make some Apple Chips!

Looking for a fun recipe for your students or children to make at home, check out our Apple Chips Recipe! This recipe is so good and it even has questions for your students/children to answer afterwards. Have fun and let us know how they turn out!

A is for Apple! 8


Hope you enjoy apple season just as much as us!  Check out all of our resources all about Apples and let’s see what you make in the classroom or at home!


Written by, Katherine Meeusen

~abcteach Family

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