2016 Summer Olympics

2016 Summer Olympics Are Here!



On August 5th, the games will begin! The 2016 Summer Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Athletes from all over the world will come together to compete in over 300 events such as; swimming, rugby, and golf!

This is the first time Rio will host the Olympic Games. It has taken years to prepare for an event like this…and to help make this years event a learning experience, here are some fun, Olympic-inspired worksheets to help get you started!





Tally the number of medals won by each country as you follow the Olympic Games, and then create a set of bar graphs to display your collected data. Real-world application of an important math skill.

Math: Olympic Medals – Tally & Bar Graphs *Members Only

“There are 46 Athletic Events. If 24 of those events are for men, how many of the events are for women?” These math word problems all have “Summer Olympics” as the theme.

Math: Word Problems: Summer Olympics

Social Studies

Two maps of Rio are included in this file with ten questions and a writing prompt that will help students explore Rio and the Olympic venues on an imaginary trip to the Summer Olympic Games.

Map Skills: Rio de Janeiro Hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics (upper elem/middle) *Members Only

Two maps of Rio are included in this file with seven questions that will help students explore Rio and the Olympic venues on an imaginary trip to the Summer Olympic Games.

Map Skills: Take a Trip to Rio (elem) *Members Only

A reading comprehension that describes some of the opening ceremony for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio; has follow-up multiple choice questions regarding the reading.

Reading Comprehension: Summer Olympics – Opening Ceremony

Reading & Writing

A reading comprehension on the history and symbolism of the Olympic rings. Complete with comprehension questions, and design your own Olympic emblem.

Comprehension: The Olympic Rings (elem) * Members Only

Make your own ‘Did You Know?’ Olympic note cards with colorful rings, and room to write fun facts.

Did You Know? – Olympics

Easy reading comprehension about the 2016 Summer Olympics with 3 short response questions.

Color and Read: 2016 Summer Olympic Games (prim)

A set of “Classroom Olympics” goal pages in each subject.  Printable gold, silver, and bronze medals to go with the unit; all one easy download. Students must complete each page of their individual goals.

Classroom Olympics: Set of Goals

One page biography on Olympic Gold Medal swimmer, Michael Phelps, with multiple choice and short response questions.

Biography: Michael Phelps Olympic Swimmer (Grades 3 & 4) *Members Only

Instructions for individual or group work. Fun, summer Olympics report packet includes a sports survey, map of events, design your own uniform, and other creative ideas. Great for all ages!

Research Report: 2016 Summer Olympics (primary) *Members Only

Fun Stuff

Find all of the Olympic-themed vocabulary words in these brand new word searches!

Word Search: 2016 Summer Olympics

Word Search: 2016 Summer Olympics – Sports

Simple and fun, Olympic Medal tic-tac-toe game board.

Learning Center: Summer Olympics – Tic-Tac-Toe

Print out these colorful Olympic Rings desk tags to use in the classroom.

Desk Tags: Olympic Rings (3-primary lines)

Desk Tags: Olympic Rings (single line)

Print and color these worksheets to display throughout the classroom or home.

Coloring Page: Olympic Flame

Coloring Page: Summer Olympics – Athletics

Coloring Page: Summer Olympics Medals *Members Only

Coloring Book: Summer Olympics Theme *Members Only

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Written by, Laura Kemsley

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