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Winter Learning Activities

January 30th, 2013

Although winter’s bitter presence has only reared it’s head a few times this year, our cold weather season isn’t leaving anytime soon. For those of us in the north, that means dark days, multiple layers, and oftentimes, more hours spent inside. (Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Punxsutawney Phil doesn’t see his shadow!)

To help make the most of your students’ or child’s time indoors, abcteach has a variety of learning activities for all ages. Take a look at the listing below and adapt it how you see fit. The items are categorized according to age groups, and can be used in class or at home.

Family Activity Planners
"My Neighborhood" Activity Planner

abcteach’s Family Activity Planners are designed to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities. Activities contain related abcteach materials, and are grouped under specific ages and subjects to make it easy for the adults in charge. There are twelve in total, including “At the Restaurant,” “My Family and I,” and “Fun at Home.”


My Neighborhood Theme

Pre-K and K

• Write down your first and last name, address, and phone number. Practice this aloud to your parents or caregiver.
• Name community helpers from your neighborhood and create paper bag puppets to tell their story. Related abcteach Activity


• Read about neighborhood buildings. Related abcteach Activity
• Discuss “stranger danger” and what to do when strangers approach.

Upper Elementary

• Take a walk around your neighborhood and list all that you see. Then, using your list, map it out. Related abcteach Activity
• Using a cardboard box or poster paper, construct a model of your neighborhood. Include trees, buildings, cars – get creative!

Winter Activities

Snow Decoding Pre-K -1st

• Snowman Pattern Recognition
• Booklet: Play in the Snow
• Early Reader: Mittens
• I Can Make a Snowman: Early Reader Booklet and Activity Pages


• Snowman Glyphs
• Frostie’s Line Graph
Frostie's Line Graph
• Book Activity: The Snowy Day
• Book Activity: Stella, Queen of the Snow
• Decoding: Winter Snowflakes

Middle/Upper Elem

• Unit: Winter Precipitation
• Comprehension: Types of Snowflakes
• Snowman Word Search
• Snowman Glyphs
• Interactive: The Iditarod
• Snowflake Formation

Snowman Pattern

All Ages

• Snowman Grids
• Snowman Paper Bag – For younger kids, paper bag is used to read personal stories; Older students can use as a prop while reading stories to younger children
• Snowman Venn Diagram
• Snowflake Pattern – Can be used for collages, as a word wheel, color practice, etc.
• Winter Activity Chart – Useful as a homeschool activity, or an organizational tool by parents
• Snowflake Shapebook – Displays final drafts of writing projects,
coloring practice, observation journals, etc.

Posted by Lindsey Elton and Nancy Elton, abcteach Team

2 Responses to “Winter Learning Activities”

  1. Lori Woodard

    I have been enjoying using your website with my deaf and hard of hearing students; however, your videos are sorely lacking when it comes to using American Sign Language! I just checked out the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” video and it isn’t a VIDEO at all! It is a powerpoint or slideshow! Why not use actual VIDEO to demonstrate HOW a sign is performed? What you have here is no better than posting a picture from a dictionary… sign language is dynamic and the MOVEMENT is key to performing it correctly – and no matter how you describe it in WORDS, the actual VIDEO does a better job at explaining how the hands MOVE. What you have is a great step forward – just take it to the next level and post ACTUAL VIDEO instead of slideshows!

  2. admin

    Hi Lori,

    Thank you very much for your comments. We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying the site. As you pointed out, our ASL videos do contain slides of signs with instructions, but they also present live demonstrations of these words and concepts, along with notes highlighting possible variations. These elements are present in our member site videos, which are much more comprehensive than the free site samples.

    We have partnered with a great company, Signing Families, who produce these videos for us. We definitely hear what you are saying and will pass along your feedback as a way to improve future materials. Please continue to let us know how you’re doing and if there are other topics that will help in your teaching. We may not be able to produce it all, but it can help guide the content creation.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you again for being in touch.

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