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Welcome to the new abcteach!

October 7th, 2010

It’s officially official: your new abcteach experience has begun. If you haven’t already seen, abcteach unveiled our new redesign last week, which followed the equally exciting launch of our membership site. Both sites now provide a host of enhanced features, a fresh layout, and an inspiring new look…and we’re thrilled to say that’s just the beginning. (Check out the detailed list of “What’s New” on our homepage features box.)

Our 10th anniversary and site makeovers have generated great enthusiasm throughout our team, and we hope it’s doing the same for you. You’ll find a number of creative materials to outfit your lesson plans in our fall, holiday, and interactive sections, as well as for the month of October. And if you can’t find what you need or need a little more, just ask. We’re always happy to help!

We wish you the best in settling with your new class, and remember to keep an eye out for exciting additions throughout the year. We’ve got a new look and feel, but the creative materials you trust have stayed the same.

So please, take a look around, check out our new features and let us know what you think. abcteach is proud to continue supporting you and to be part of your educational community.

Welcome again to your new abcteach.

the abcteach team

7 Responses to “Welcome to the new abcteach!”

  1. anita schachter

    What a wonder, user friendly website.

  2. Myrna Martnez

    I love the new look! I was introduced to the site while student teaching in 2006, and year after year I come back for the wonderful resources!

  3. Solange Bisquertt

    I love your web page I´m a chilean teacher and I like all the resources . I haven´t found any page in spanish as good as your page.

  4. Sandee

    I have been a member for quite a few years, and I do not like the new abcteach format at all. I thought it was great the way it was.

  5. admin

    Hello Sandee, I’m sorry to hear of your frustration. We know a new look can be disorienting, but you’ll find that we kept many things the same for members that were accustomed to the old look. For the old-style directory, visit the “DIRECTORY” tab at the top of the page. This list is identical to the old directory layout. You can also find the full list of abctools by clicking the “ABCTOOLS” tab at the top of the page (the most popular 12 are on the homepage).

    We hope these hints help. For further questions or comments, please email directly. We are glad to help!

    The abcteach Team

  6. Natalie Regan

    WOW! I have been a member for years and thought the site was amazing BEFORE the update – – now it’s over the top! Thank you for this valuable resource.

  7. admin

    Thank you Anita, Myrna, Solange, and Natalie for your compliments. We’re glad you like the new look! It took a dedicated team to put it together, and we will continue working hard to ensure that abcteach is the most comprehensive educational resource on the web.

    The abcteach Team

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