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May 29th, 2011

Teaching Extras… what an amazing section. However, when searching for words to accurately describe it (minus “amazing”), I was at a bit of a loss. More correctly, I was at a loss for concise articulation that wouldn’t make my English teachers bow their heads in embarrassment. Somehow the “all the fun, miscellaneous, finishing touch pieces that you need to outfit your class and daily lesson plans section” just wasn’t doing it.

But that’s exactly what it is — and more.

The Teaching Extras section is a treasure trove of items, from book marks to recipes and field trips, that help bring your lesson plans and classroom to life. In addition to versatility, one of it’s great features is that the materials are relevant year round. Here are a few ideas to try out:

• Newsletter Forms – summarize the year’s success or future plans

• Student Portfolios – display themed-documents or special group activities

• Classroom Signs – perfect for creating classroom learning centers!

Whether you’re starting up or winding down, it’s an opportune time to explore our Teaching Extras. We hope you enjoy all this section has to offer.

~the abcteach team

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2 Responses to “Teaching Extras”

  1. Deana Ginta

    Teaching extras section is filled with a lot of useful things to use in any classroom. I wish everythng was included free and there was no charge! Teachers make NO money. It would be helpful to include a lot more free items for teachers! Thank you!

  2. admin

    Hello Deana,

    Thank you for your comment. We’re glad you find the Teaching Extras section to be useful. As you can imagine, creating these activities from the ground-up and maintaining them is very expensive. abcteach members help to support this cost, as well as the ongoing creation of many new activities every month. Many of our staff members are current or former teachers, so we understand that your budget may be tight. That’s why over 5,000 documents are available for free on abcteach. If you’re looking for more, we believe our price is very reasonable for all that we have to offer: over 40,000 activities and printables, hundreds of interactive files, abctools custom worksheet generators, a huge clip art library, and more.

    If you’d like a free trial to our member site, please contact our Support Team at

    Best wishes,

    ~The abcteach Team

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