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If you are not familiar with abcteach’s University Partnership Program, your professors and undergradate education students are missing out. Feedback from all sides of the table has been nothing short of fantastic. In the words of one student:

“abcteach has saved me so much time and money; I’m not sure what I would have done without it.”

And students aren’t the only ones. Professors from around the world use abcteach in their methods, reading, and math classes and are witnessing marked improvement in the quality of students’ assignments. Supervising teachers, too, are consistently wowed by the supply of “personalized” classroom materials that their student teachers are creating with abcteach.

Program Highlights

  • • The University Partnership Program is totally free for undergraduate education students and professors (including special education and early childhood development).
  • • Participants gain unlimited access to the abcteach member site.
  • • Both students and professors can enroll their college in the program.
  • • Graduate students receive special membership discounts.
  • • All colleges and universities can apply!

As members, students and professors have over 40,000 core basic to extended curricula printables; interactive Smartboard, Promethean, and PowerPoint materials; a 12,000+ educational clipart/photo library; and over 60 abctools to customize every detail of the classroom. The possibilities are endless!

With abcteach, students are better armed to handle student teaching and better prepared to succeed as full-time teachers. For more details or an enrollment application, please contact me at

We  thoroughly enjoy our ability to “give back to education” in the abcteach way. If you have a student or professor who you think would benefit from this program, please help us share the word.

Have a wonderful summer!

Posted by Sheryl  Schreefel, abcteach University Partnership Coordinator

13 Responses to “Free Memberships for Education Students and Professors”

  1. Trixie Liao


    I am a teacher/student who chanced upon the website which offers printables worksheets/ templates. I am from Singapore, and I would like to find out if memberships are also free from where I am.

    Please return a reply email @

    Thank you.

    Trixie Liao

  2. Mary Ann Jennings

    On your teaser for your website on Google it says you have 5000+ free worksheets or activities. How do we access those? There is a membership required. This is very misleading.

  3. admin

    Hello Mary Ann,

    Thank you for your question. We do in fact have 5000+ free documents (5,627 as of today, to be precise!) on abcteach. There are two main ways to find materials.

    1. Search – on the abcteach homepage, right below the member login, you’ll see a search bar. Enter your search and you should see all free documents matching that search on the results page. For example, the search “fiction reading comprehension” returns 51 free documents.

    2. Use the category system – on the left side of the home page, you’ll see “Explore Our Free Materials.” Under that heading, click on a category. For example, “Core Subjects.” On the next page, click on the “Science” subcategory, then “Experiments” — here you’ll find 13 free science experiments for download. You can browse other categories to find more free materials.

    One note: Anything below the red bar that reads “The following documents are available to abcteach members” are member-only documents, but anything above that bar is free to everyone.

    ~The abcteach Team

  4. Angie

    Would Love to have free membership to this site

  5. Monserrat

    I read up there there are free membershipos for students and educators ia that right? I am studying Education Sciences and am a Teacer. Have been for over 13 yrs I am Mexican and teach in Mexico, but all my life I have taught subjects in Englkish from math to literature, grammar and language arts, biology etc., I would love to have a bfree membership if possible.


  6. admin

    Thank you very much for all of your feedback! The University Partnership Program is open to undergraduate education majors and their professors (including special education and early childhood development) at colleges and universities worldwide. Although not applicable for the free membership, graduate students are provided special discount rates.

    If you have questions or would like enroll in the program, please contact our University Partnership Coordinator at She’ll walk you through the application and have you started in no time.

    Have a wonderful summer and best of luck in your upcoming semester!

    ~The abcteach Team

  7. Shannon Satira

    I would love to enjoy the benifit of the free membership. I am going to school for early childhood education at the local community college in Sarasota. Please let me know if you need more information.
    Thank you,
    Shannon Satira

  8. juli jones

    I run an in home day center and I have a diploma in child care from the Professional Career Development Institute. I am very interested in a free membership. thanks juli

  9. Mary M. Womack

    The materials are so helpful for multiple grade levels!

  10. farhana quddus

    I would Love to have free membership to this site

  11. getu

    hi, i’m really delighted by visiting this wonderful site. i would be happy if i’ve got an access to your fantastic and educational documents through the free membership opportunity.

  12. proteone

    I use to be a paying member, with no allocation from our school system, money went to other thing. i loved the thing that I could do on abcteach!!

  13. Suzanne Lanzon

    I am always on the lookout for new ideas and resources. As a teacher in the UK and owner of a private tuition centre I’m not sure if I qualify for free mebership. I’d like to thank you for all the great material you have for free though.

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