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Ann MUsing Math Clip Art to Meet State Standards
Submitted by Ann M. from California
I have created lots of math problems for the second grade California state math standards curriculum using your math graphics. My class aced the final with 80% proficient levels by using this curriculum. This is double what they normally score! These save the teacher time if they are placed on the board with a magnet. I slip each inside a plastic sleeve, use an overhead marker to write on them, and then erase for repeated use. I have made about 600 different pages of math this way and many utilize abcteach math clip art. I use these for whole group instruction for test preparation and spiral teaching (reviewing throughout the year).
Class pictureThese are the 7 types of math I have taught using abcteach materials:
1.       Measurement and Geometry
2.       Algebra & Functions
3.       Statistics, Data Analysis & Probability
4.       Fractions and Decimals
5.       Number Sense
6.       Word Problems
7.       Mathematical Reasoning

Download an example of one of the math exercises Ann created.

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8 Responses to “Classroom Spotlight: Ann M. from California”

  1. Ann M

    Note the pro football player who visited our class. Did you recognize D.J. Williams? His younger sister was in my class the year this was taken. I hope my work inspires more of you to create BoardMath or Language Board posters that are reusable each year. They are great to spiral teaching throughout the year to help with mastery for test preparation. After 30 years of teaching, I still love creating curriculum to supplement our state standards.

  2. Jane

    Good going Ann! You are such a dedicated teacher to your students. You will always be remembered by the extra efforts you put into your classroom on your own time and with the children. I have seen some of your teaching projects you created, and WOW. What a gift you have my dear. Congratulations for being recognized.


  3. kate

    Inspiring! I would love to see how you use the math posters/clip art. Some of our 6th graders could benefit from these types of visuals. The district, your school, and especially your students are very lucky to have you! Congrats!

  4. Ann M

    Kate, There is a place where you can download what I made and see how I used the graphics from this site.
    Look just above our comments for the download link. There are 7 pages of examples I believe. Love ya,
    Your neighbor.

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  6. shellie J

    Ann, How great! You are a fabulous teacher with such creative ideas. Keep up the good work.


  7. Ann M

    Thanks Shellie. You are a creatively fun teacher too. We think alike. How fortunate are we to have taught all these years and still love what we do?

  8. Sonny

    This is wonderful! Would you mind sharing more to those of us who belong to abcteach? Thanks for all your hard work!

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