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Stepping Up Your Game

June 4th, 2014

It’s easy to see video games as an enemy. They compete viciously for free time, often coexisting on the same computer we powered on with the best of intentions. Everyone from CEOs to teachers to students to my dear own mother seems to have their time waylaid by video games now and again. Clearly, something […]

This month’s Eye on Curriculum series has taken a walk through special highlights from our comprehensive Interactive library. We kicked things off with a Back to School theme, journeyed into popular SMART Notebook and Promethean Flipchart files, then lastly, explored our exciting new Math Magician series. But what about games for everyday lesson plans? Don’t […]

If you are a teacher or parent, don’t be shy, and be sure to check out all of abcteach’s interactive materials. There are many different kinds of interactive whiteboards and software. On abcteach, we offer both SMART Board® and Promethean ActivInspire® materials. You don’t have to have fancy equipment or an expensive tablet in order […]

Greetings, colleagues! With the school year about to start, abcteach is back again with our Eye on Curriculum blog series. The Eye on Curriculum series is a monthly highlight of specific subjects or sections on abcteach. We’ll cover general concepts, teacher insights, and ways to use related materials in your class. If you missed it, […]

Here at abcteach, we’ve just launched a big upgrade to our search tool that will make finding the perfect teaching activity much easier. Here’s a rundown of the main improvements: 1.  More Relevant – Our search algorithm has been improved, and results are now more relevant to your searched keywords. 2.  More Visual – Results […]

Created by & VLinks Media, Math Magician is a fun and interactive app for your student to learn common core curriculum mathematics (1st-6th grade), and is great for all ages. You and the magician will learn counting, addition, subtraction, greater than/less than values, multiplication, and division in a magical way. Now, the magician needs […]

With the proliferation of easy-to-use, touch-based tablets, it’s not surprising that schools and home school educators are capitalizing on their many uses and implications for interactive learning. You may have explored abcteach’s interactive section, which has plenty of materials meant for computers and interactive whiteboards, but you might not be aware that the grand majority […]

Upgrade with Interactives

August 20th, 2010

Picture it: the curriculum is set, schedules are planned, and you’re picking accompanying documents. As a compliment to your trusted favorites, why not consider upgrading with interactives this year? Our world is becoming more digital, so utilizing materials that engage classrooms on the same technical level is more important than ever—for both you and your […]

Last month we reviewed a few of the abctools customization features, from adding clip art to resizing margins. Here are a couple more tips for creating documents that are functional and engaging for both your students and class. Document Titles Want to include teacher names, room numbers, or additional information at the top of your […]

Summer is just around the corner! As you begin the last few weeks of your school year, here are some helpful tips for a smooth transition into summer membership. Summer Email Address Many school districts do their cleaning, purging, updating, and computer maintenance over the summer. If your account is a school address and the […]

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