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Montessori Series: Happy Harvest

November 11th, 2011

Here is the next edition in our Montessori teaching series. Our guest author, Andrea Coventry, grew up in Montessori schools and is a current educator and internet writer on teaching Montessori. (The following activities are found on the abcteach member site. Learn more about becoming a member!) Happy Harvest! Halloween has passed and now we […]

Learning and practicing money skills will benefit students their entire life. Next week, abcteach is introducing a new collection of flashcards that assemble a variety of paper bill photos from $1 to $100. The new additions will join our coin flashcards (from $0.01 to $1.00) and shopping flashcards already found in the Special Needs section (free […]

Happy National Homeschool Month! The following article was written by homeschooler and abcteach staff writer, Carol Welch. As you’re putting the final touches on your family’s lesson plans, we hope these tips provide support and creative inspiration for another successful year. Enhancing Your Homeschool Curriculum with abcteach As summer winds down, homeschool families are gearing […]

Last week’s Back to School webinar was a joint-presentation from abcteach veteran educators, Kathy Butler and Sandy Kemsley. Thank you again to all who participated, and for those that couldn’t, we hope this run-down of pointers brings new creativity to your classroom. The following are the highlights from the second half of the presentation: Classroom […]

The Handwriting Templates tool, in the abctools collection, makes it easy to create customized handwriting pages. After choosing a font family and clicking on the template of your choice, you will arrive at the “Choose Handwriting Worksheet Editing” page. There are a number of opportunities to customize handwriting worksheets from this page. Step 2, however, […]

Have you heard the word “bored” too many times these hot July days? Do you wonder if your young scholars have done enough reading and writing recently to maintain the levels they achieved last school year? If your answer is yes, we have some solutions for you! Head to abcteach’s “Summer Fiction” files (free | member). You’ll find a […]

Written by Brittany Nestell, Math Teacher, Perry Middle School (Perry, Michigan) While in the car the other day, I was listening to a wonderful interview on NPR (National Public Radio) about how educators need to adapt to the needs of the changing generation of students who learn through internet and group collaboration. The report was […]

Fortunately for me, a basketball fanatic, March Madness runs into April so really, March and April  should be renamed “Basketball Madness.” As a proud graduate of Massachusetts’s Springfield College (SC), I could not have been more excited when I opened our SC calendar and saw the newly unveiled bronze statue of James Naismith – the […]

Reading Awareness Month is underway, which has undoubtedly provided opportunities to add excitement to your class routine. Although it’s been a minute or two since I was there, this writing brought back great reading related memories from school and home, as both parents were teachers and my mother is a 36-year veteran of elementary teaching. […]

Hello and Happy New Year! This is the time of year that most individuals look to makepositive changes in their lives. At abcteach, we are making a commitment to provide materials that assist you on your path to a healthier and happier school year. My name is Candy, and I joined the abcteach team with […]

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