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Back to School Bulletin

August 4th, 2010

Back to school…already? No, not yet, but the time is definitely coming near. For our educators in the north, abcteach can help you make the most of remaining summertime plans with new materials that are quick and easy to use. Check out our back to school theme unit, seasonal August highlights, and teaching extras section for everything you need […]

July Update

July 2nd, 2010

One of the great things about the sunny summer weather is that it takes you outside of class and into new and festive destinations. Wherever your plans take you this year, abcteach is here to help make the most of your seasonal education goals. Check out games and activities for the month of July, Canada […]

Summer, glorious summer, you have arrived! It’s the beginning of a new season for all, and the continuation of great things to come at abcteach. For our educators, the hazy, lazy days are almost here, but a couple weeks still lie ahead. We hope our Memorial Day section helped your class pay tribute to the […]

To each of our fellow educators, we hope you enjoyed all of your Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations. They were much deserved, and we’re proud to spend another year supporting your educational endeavors. In addition to last week’s activities, this month is full of creative opportunities that can help you blend teaching with the May flowers […]

April Activities

April 7th, 2010

Spring has arrived! We hope our seasonal, monthly, and Easter materials have creatively suited your classroom plans. Don’t forget to check out our Think Green, Teach Green section for a host of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day! abcteach has been keeping with the “green” theme by building our library of interactives […]

March is always a busy month, but with all of its celebrations, there remains a positive energy in the air (especially knowing that Spring is almost here for us Northerners!). Check out our materials on National Reading Month, Dr. Seuss, Women’s History Month, and St. Patrick’s Day. abcteach has been busy behind the scenes, adding […]

This year, abcteach is excited to be celebrating its 10th anniversary online. As we consider our goals and plans for future projects, we are seeing interesting milestones along the way. One such milestone will be the number of custom-made documents created using ABCTOOLS by our members and visitors to We are quickly reaching our […]


December 2nd, 2009

In November, we observed Veterans Day with posters and poems, celebrated Thanksgiving with coloring pages, factual and fictional reading comprehension materials, and more. We expanded our “manners” materials, read The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and wished “Happy Birthday” to Sesame Street. Like many of you, we are spending most of this month getting ready for Christmas. […]


November 1st, 2009

In October, we enjoyed the cooler fall weather, read Where the Wild Things Are, and celebrated Halloween. We featured great materials for several October observations, including Fire Safety and Italian Heritage. In November, we’ll be observing Veterans Day with posters and poems, celebrating Thanksgiving with coloring pages, fact and fiction reading comprehension materials, and more. […]


October 1st, 2009

Many teachers went back to school in September, and abcteach was ready with hundreds of back-to-school materials, including bulletin board decorations, parent forms, and more. We took time for September holidays, celebrating Labor Day and Hispanic Heritage Month, relished the art of the argument with a new fallacy unit, and much more. In October, we’re […]

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