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Who doesn’t have a pile of building blocks (LEGOs) laying around the house? If your students love a challenge, then check out this fun building block activity! Click here to download now. This activity would also qualify as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning. Kids of all ages would enjoy this fun challenge! Once you have […]

The Handwriting Templates tool, in the abctools collection, makes it easy to create customized handwriting pages. After choosing a font family and clicking on the template of your choice, you will arrive at the “Choose Handwriting Worksheet Editing” page. There are a number of opportunities to customize handwriting worksheets from this page. Step 2, however, […]

Just in time for Earth Day here is an abctools tip that will help you and your students help save paper, and time. The opportunity to practice math is necessary in all classrooms, but it is not necessary to copy dozens of worksheets each day to provide variety for your students. You can create, use […]

The abcteach Spelling Tool can be used to make word lists that complement your theme units and that help students generate stories during free writing sessions. After printing the word lists you have created with our Spelling Tool, laminate several copies of each list to place in a spelling box in your classroom.  Spelling box […]

Whether created by students or their teachers, shapebooks can help engage children in reading.  Border papers are useful to frame a poem, story or report, before those materials are printed or shared digitally. However, the Shapebook/Border Paper tool has a versatility that can be creatively used to produce other fun and stimulating materials for the […]

Word Walls are very popular and useful in the classroom and at home. They help students recognize words that improve their writing and reading skills. Our Word Wall tool (free | member) lets you customize your own word lists in the size and fonts you need.  You can also add our clipart to help with […]

Our Shapebook and Border abctools offer many possibilities. Both are great for making fun books for students to write and color, but don’t stop there. Think outside the shape! These tools have dozens of uses that will enhance your student’s experience. Here is just one idea! Make creative word walls using the shape patterns. Decide the size you […]

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