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Did you know that as members and visitors of abcteach, you’re part of an international community of educators? Pretty cool, isn’t it? Your abcteach colleagues come from around the globe, and bring an amazing mix of tips, traditions, and experiences to share with your class. With this in mind, abcteach is proud to announce the […]

With the proliferation of easy-to-use, touch-based tablets, it’s not surprising that schools and home school educators are capitalizing on their many uses and implications for interactive learning. You may have explored abcteach’s interactive section, which has plenty of materials meant for computers and interactive whiteboards, but you might not be aware that the grand majority […]

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. By now, your classroom is undoubtedly adorned in pinks and reds, with hearts on your worksheets and hand-made crafts on the wall. There’s a party planned for next Tuesday, and the whole class is invited. The question is, will every child (or his or her parent) be prepared […]

The following tips are provided by retired elementary teacher and current abcteach staff member, Nancy Elton. A teacher of 30+ years, she used these opportunities to engage parents and other classroom helpers and to provide students (and herself) needed support throughout the year. Sign Them Up Anytime there is a classroom or school function with […]

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