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If you are not familiar with abcteach’s University Partnership Program, your professors and undergradate education students are missing out. Feedback from all sides of the table has been nothing short of fantastic. In the words of one student: “abcteach has saved me so much time and money; I’m not sure what I would have done […]

Have you heard the word “bored” too many times these hot July days? Do you wonder if your young scholars have done enough reading and writing recently to maintain the levels they achieved last school year? If your answer is yes, we have some solutions for you! Head to abcteach’s “Summer Fiction” files (free | member). You’ll find a […]

Written by Brittany Nestell, Math Teacher, Perry Middle School (Perry, Michigan) While in the car the other day, I was listening to a wonderful interview on NPR (National Public Radio) about how educators need to adapt to the needs of the changing generation of students who learn through internet and group collaboration. The report was […]

Whether we are educators, parents, students or former communication majors, amongst other traits, we all share a basic need: the desire to communicate. Nowadays, with smart phones, skype, email, twitter, text, blogging and more, that need has infinite avenues to fulfillment. Even as we find ourselves hours at the computer and mobile in hand, that […]

Happy July to you! We hope this note finds you enjoying your summer and in the aftermath of a wonderful holiday weekend. As we venture further into National Ice Cream Month (let’s hear it for July!), here are some creative materials to keep your kids and students engaged during the off-season months. Lapbooks Summer Theme Units […]

abctools: redesigned

July 5th, 2011

If you’ve been creating with abctools on the Member Site lately, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. Our design team has been hard at work to make our tools quicker to learn and even easier to use. We’ve listened to your feedback throughout the years and are proud to finally unveil new designs for all […]

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