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Teaching Extras

May 29th, 2011

Teaching Extras… what an amazing section. However, when searching for words to accurately describe it (minus “amazing”), I was at a bit of a loss. More correctly, I was at a loss for concise articulation that wouldn’t make my English teachers bow their heads in embarrassment. Somehow the “all the fun, miscellaneous, finishing touch pieces that […]

Looking for ways to add color to your class? Tap into a host of great illustrations for documents, classroom decorations, and special events in the Clip Art section at abcteach. One of the most valuable aspects of abcteach Clip Art is its ease and versatility. Want posters? You’ve got ‘em. Banners? That, too. How about […]

May Activities

May 11th, 2011

To all of our educators, we hope you had a wonderful – and well-deserved – Teacher Appreciation Week. What a great way to kick off the month! From last week’s activities to Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and everything in between, May leaves no shortage of fun or celebration. In addition to holiday materials, find great […]

As an educator, you perform a greater service to our world than we can possibly quantify with statistics and benchmarks. You motivate our children to cultivate their talents and inspire them to make the most of their potential. Your role as an educator extends far beyond academic instruction: you are mentors, coaches, role models, counselors, […]

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