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Fortunately for me, a basketball fanatic, March Madness runs into April so really, March and April  should be renamed “Basketball Madness.” As a proud graduate of Massachusetts’s Springfield College (SC), I could not have been more excited when I opened our SC calendar and saw the newly unveiled bronze statue of James Naismith – the […]

Just in time for Earth Day here is an abctools tip that will help you and your students help save paper, and time. The opportunity to practice math is necessary in all classrooms, but it is not necessary to copy dozens of worksheets each day to provide variety for your students. You can create, use […]

Reading Awareness Month is underway, which has undoubtedly provided opportunities to add excitement to your class routine. Although it’s been a minute or two since I was there, this writing brought back great reading related memories from school and home, as both parents were teachers and my mother is a 36-year veteran of elementary teaching. […]

One of the greatest joys of my life is reading. I love to curl up with an exciting novel or immerse myself in research to learn something new. As a homeschool mom/teacher, I enjoy sharing that passion with my two sons. Over the past nine years, my husband Rick and I have watched their skills […]

March: Time to Celebrate!

March 3rd, 2011

Happy March, everyone! I am happy to report that we are slowly but steadily on our way to Spring. Having gone through one of the snowiest months on record, I’m joining a city-full of eager Chicagoans awaiting the blissful moments that come with the (hopefully) post 32 degree temps. Along with the weather changing, March […]

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