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Sandy goes live!

August 26th, 2010

Sandy Kemsley, founder of abcteach, was one of three guests interviewed yesterday morning on the Learning and Laughter with Louise! show. If you missed it live, here’s the program podcast (Sandy’s portion starts at around 30 minutes). Great job, Sandy!

Upgrade with Interactives

August 20th, 2010

Picture it: the curriculum is set, schedules are planned, and you’re picking accompanying documents. As a compliment to your trusted favorites, why not consider upgrading with interactives this year? Our world is becoming more digital, so utilizing materials that engage classrooms on the same technical level is more important than ever—for both you and your […]

What an awesome experience. I walked into the neighborhood coffee shop this morning and, after ordering, got into a conversation with the customer behind me. That was hardly outside of the norm. What made this particular encounter different from most was our mode of conversation—we “talked” completely in sign. If you haven’t seen them before, […]

Back to School Bulletin

August 4th, 2010

Back to school…already? No, not yet, but the time is definitely coming near. For our educators in the north, abcteach can help you make the most of remaining summertime plans with new materials that are quick and easy to use. Check out our back to school theme unit, seasonal August highlights, and teaching extras section for everything you need […]

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