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Summer is just around the corner! As you begin the last few weeks of your school year, here are some helpful tips for a smooth transition into summer membership. Summer Email Address Many school districts do their cleaning, purging, updating, and computer maintenance over the summer. If your account is a school address and the […]

To each of our fellow educators, we hope you enjoyed all of your Teacher Appreciation Week celebrations. They were much deserved, and we’re proud to spend another year supporting your educational endeavors. In addition to last week’s activities, this month is full of creative opportunities that can help you blend teaching with the May flowers […]

It’s hard to believe, but another summer is already on its way. For many of our members, this means preparing for the closing of the current school year by creating lessons on how a plant grows, fun seasonal activities, or memorable certificates for soon-to-be grads. It’s an exciting, colorful time, and our abctools have some […]

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